First Estonia Road Trip

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Malmö, Sweden

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Tallinn Old Town

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Kadrioru Park

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Getting around the city

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First Day at Work

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Schiphol Airport Transit

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The Flight to EU

It’s pretty crazy traveling with kids, well actually I’ll take that back Lori deserves props for being great, she definitely enjoyed the flight and was well behaved and had good manners, Tibu on the other hand was like a ticking timed-bomb; you’ll never know when or how much shit he’s going to give you in a specific moment, most of our energy we’re probably dedicated to entertaining him, that includes his sister. Read more..

Belmont Before Flight

My wife and I decided to go to Manila a day before our actual flight to make the travel less drag and that we can have more energy to maneuver around the airport, my family is also dropping us off there to avoid the sad goodbye brought by the thought of not seeing each other for some time. Read more..

CFO + Bureau of Immigration

I’m required to go to the Commission on Filipinos Overseas to have a seminar about “migrating in Europe” which are infos that I could get first hand from people who have actually migrated there or live there, you know like reddit? but the truth is that the CFO is basically here to prevent human-trafficking and it’s misleading and completely unnecessary. Read more..

The India Trip

I’m traveling to India today to claim my temporary residence ID for Estonia. It’s 3am and will be ready to go in 15minutes to drive to manila and take all kinds of shit then. Read more..

Last day at TORO

Today was my last day working for this company. It’s a bit sad considering I’ve had a long history of work and technology exploration, and self improvement as a web developer and a human being. It’s not really a perfect company but then again what company is. Read more..